Second Whistle Blown on Donald Trump

视频信息 Second Whistle Blown on Donald Trump

:  Second Whistle Blown on Donald Trump
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用户 :  Jimmy Kimmel Live
出版日期 :   2019-10-07
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视频帧 Second Whistle Blown on Donald Trump

视频说明 Second Whistle Blown on Donald Trump

A second whistle has been blown with first-hand information about Trump's call to Ukraine, text messages suggest quid pro quo, Secretary of Energy Rick Perry takes the fall for putting Trump up to the call, U.S. troops are being pulled out of Syria after a call between Trump and the President of Turkey, Trump tweets about his own 'great and unmatched wisdom,' we might finally get to see his tax returns, and Pat Robertson does something crazy on the air.

Is Donald Trump Trying to Impeach Himself? of_dWZ3Mo_0

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视频评论 Second Whistle Blown on Donald Trump

terrible Tom oh
He does care about corruption he wants to be sure he didn't miss any new angles. He's the most corrupt politician ever and always looking to up his game.
評論者 : terrible Tom oh

Mikoto Misaka
"Great and Unmatched wisdom". Who the HELL even TALKS Like that!!? Not even people who think that arrogantly don't go out and say that because even they don't want to look like douchebags. This guy talks like a Super Villain.
評論者 : Mikoto Misaka

Can we have an IQ test before someone can qualify for president and live-steam it publicly so they don't cheat. This is so ridiculous in 10 years time there would nowhere safe on this planet anymore.
評論者 : Andrezzi

j-wizz hathorn
What was that sound @ the end?
評論者 : j-wizz hathorn

Doris Goodyear
No tramp Bidin He’s eating your ass and your bother you get over it if it doesn’t bother you are you don’t care you don’t put it on and use stupid ass he’s eating your heart out is it and his son
評論者 : Doris Goodyear

I can't stop laughing every video where he says "he's getting impeached" and he didn't 🤣
評論者 : BreakItDownBarneyStyle

Noble Victor
Extreme 'Loooser' and foul of laws leader Trump has proven multiple times to generally possess the "Sidam Touch" : it's the opposite of the "Midas Touch", which turns everything to gold - the Sidam Touch destroys, and/ or ruins everything.
評論者 : Noble Victor

Mary Munro
Good one Jimmy. Just wait till the 3rd.
評論者 : Mary Munro

michelle brown
….and there it is, HE said it...…….hahahahahaha!😂😂😂 into the ground😂😂😂… :O ….I get along with Kanye....😂😂😂….forgot he did that....😂😂😂
評論者 : michelle brown

Earl Barnes
SO TO FIND Corruption, you Commit Corruption and treason?
評論者 : Earl Barnes

Alfonso Garcia
New quid pro quo for POTUS Trump Sr.: you quit the race for reelection and you get no ompeachment process. You are not removed from the First post and the Americans go to worl again, and the Republican party gets to its primary to chose a presidential candidate on time for november 2020.
評論者 : Alfonso Garcia

Just Human
Trump: I am always looking for corruption. If I get caught, I was fighting it. If I don't get caught, I love it!
評論者 : Just Human

Pauline Melia
Erdugean has tapes of kushner giving the go a head for the sudies to wack koshogi the WP reporter.. that is y trump pulled out after a call get that transcript
評論者 : Pauline Melia

Jordan Mulligan
As a non-American who could care less about if a Democrat or Republican is in power, your economy is booming because of trump.
評論者 : Jordan Mulligan

Legion32 Gaming
Everyone who is mad at him for getting soldiers out of there has no room to talk unless they’re in military those soldiers risk their lives each day
評論者 : Legion32 Gaming

Guadalupe Diaz
Dont the black people know that trump treats them like tokens or maybe he pays them so much that they dont care?
評論者 : Guadalupe Diaz

Анфиса Смирнова
After Donald is out I’m sure there’s going to be laws put into place where the President does not get this much power.
評論者 : Анфиса Смирнова

David MacLeod
Is it any wonder why the world leaders laugh at him? Jesus! And John Lennon is the one that gets shot...
評論者 : David MacLeod

Mark Mark
you all are brainwashed ha ha ha
評論者 : Mark Mark

Debbie Meyers
The irs has his return, why cant they justt look
評論者 : Debbie Meyers

James Weston
Unmatched lack of wisdom
評論者 : James Weston

Peter Ford
So was that Robertson kicking the bucket? Not to be crude,, but we should be so lucky. People like him are an embarrassment to God. Noone in the business should live like those people. I'm not a real big practicer, of religion. But I think when people like him, when time comes for his judgment,, may want to take a good lawyer with them.
評論者 : Peter Ford

Jimmy kimmel doesnt use a teleprompter?
評論者 : ahtan2000

What was funny or controversial that happened at minute 9:20 that I don't get? Besides that throat clearing interruption or was it the interruption itself?
評論者 : YoungRb2

45th is the Antichrist false Messiah

Gloria Maggs
Ah Jimmy, you have my heart! Keep up on Trump! Nobody does it better than you! G.
評論者 : Gloria Maggs

Suzy Qualcast
Still - Jetsons barnet, zippy as ever. Coverage baby!
評論者 : Suzy Qualcast

Ramon Sandoval
Open your month Trump here comes your saPines
評論者 : Ramon Sandoval

Emma Litchfield
Impeach Trump...make america great again
評論者 : Emma Litchfield

Stephen Duquette
As it turns out , Trumps taxes will remain private due to The Supreme Court ,led by William Barr ! Like I didn't know that would happen ! Even if the Republicans in the Senate were to suddenly decide that the law was more important and voted to impeach Trump and gain the popular vote by doing so , the Supreme court would over rule it in order to protect Trump ! Watch and see if it doesn't play out like this ! The Senate saves face , Trump continues his presidency and Supreme Court maybe gets criticized at best !
There was a reason for Brett Kavanaugh and William Barr's appointments . Unquestioned loyalty without conscience !

評論者 : Stephen Duquette

Eva Daly
There must b a shirt made of it, lol, he sure doesn't care.
評論者 : Eva Daly

theresa Montoya
Poor. Poor. Trump he is on his last straw. Thats why hes mad. Hes guilty and the guilty accuse. Trump go lick your paws.
評論者 : theresa Montoya

Nellie Chappell
Yes I Remember him saying to a reporter that if some country like Norway said they had something about an opponent he would take it and funny it was the ships that had been attacked one was from Norway the other one was from Japan whose president was talking at that time with Iran who he was trying to start a war with
評論者 : Nellie Chappell

Crimson Kng
What happened at the end with Robertson? I couldn't tell what happened.
評論者 : Crimson Kng

Skyler King
I love how your show has become my new news channel. Great stuff Jimmy!
評論者 : Skyler King

Mr. Painkiller
"In my great and unmatched wisdom.." How could someone (anyone11!1) actually talk about himself like this? Seriously I don´t get it. I lived in California several years ago, and I love the US. But this seems all like a bad joke to me, it can´t be true.. This men (I won´t call him President) makes the USA look like a bunch of Idiots. ..and I know they´re not, because my parents would be too, then.. This Guy isn´t a President, but a Joke!
評論者 : Mr. Painkiller

Mr. Painkiller
Sometimes I wonder, why the "not fly over states" do have so much in common with western Europe, while the rest does not... any Ideas?
評論者 : Mr. Painkiller

everyday people
I am Orange, the great and terrible.
評論者 : everyday people

everyday people
tRump finally says something that is true: "I'm only interested in corruption".
評論者 : everyday people

Chris G
I hope this presidency ends with Trump forcibly removed by law enforcement officials dragging Trump kicking and screaming like a big orange child out of the White House while he spurts out more lies and cursing democrats.
評論者 : Chris G

Ivy Poison
I use to believe you can get the best education being a child of someone with money, but I guess some parents spend a sh!t load of money for there kid to get through school.
評論者 : Ivy Poison

James Wilkinson
Factor in all the investments Trump has amassed in Turkey into the equation and it all makes sense.
評論者 : James Wilkinson

Paweł Skotnica
One month later and it turns out, to the surprise of no one intelligent, that it was all dem bullshittery once again. Big applause to Kimmel's enthusiasm not aging well.
評論者 : Paweł Skotnica

james snow
they think there is only 45 states
評論者 : james snow

June P Woo
Yes, we know that care about corruption - "and that's why you are getting impreached"
評論者 : June P Woo

yoc land
Oh, put some black kids behind me. Thatll look good, itll look like im not a raging racist!
評論者 : yoc land

Shawna Hall
Looking on from the outside and hear all the crap the current u.s president has done. I have to say the Whitehouse standard and prestige has reach sewer bottom,oh boy, sad.
評論者 : Shawna Hall

J.R. 48
Hello Mr. Kimmel , I love the background screen of The Hollywood Hills. Is it possible to have scenes from other local cities on other occasions of the greater LA areas ? Would love it. Thanks from Germany .
評論者 : J.R. 48

Lorna Nunez
評論者 : Lorna Nunez

Rob123 Houton
評論者 : Rob123 Houton

Cathy Holland
評論者 : Cathy Holland

I dont know why he moved his dumb ass from New York to Florida.
He should have had the movers drop everything to his new house at a Federal Penitentiary.

評論者 : B K

I second that.
America most crooked and corrupt president of all time.
I guess its go big and then go home.
Be the #1 corrupt person and go home to your new house...JAIL.

評論者 : B K

Morris Stephens
Lol all he care about is corruption lol What he really meant to say is " I don't care about nothing but committing corruption"
評論者 : Morris Stephens

Ruby Wisdom
Mr Trump you are the corruption ,
評論者 : Ruby Wisdom

Dan Floros
評論者 : Dan Floros

Victor Chew
The more the US president speaks in front of the media and to the world, he looks like a cornered rat.
評論者 : Victor Chew

Robert Miller
So in the end youll pack up fly down south hide your head in the sand just another sad old man all alone and dyin of cancer
評論者 : Robert Miller

Thailand Noobie
Now I understand what " Seven Trumpets " means... damn you whistleblowers
評論者 : Thailand Noobie

Sergio Meadows
1.5 million views out of 330 million Americans... Really shows you how bad Jimmy's ratings are... Go look at the view counts before Jimmy decided to be an anti Trump fan boy.
評論者 : Sergio Meadows

J.K Fitz
評論者 : J.K Fitz

This show was great till JIMMMY got on the political banwagon

Lucius Jenkins
I'm black, I hate Trump, and I hate Kanye!
評論者 : Lucius Jenkins

Theresa Serpa
MMoney grabber'$ of Endin/G innocent Human LiFe 👣💓 👣👐
評論者 : Theresa Serpa

Theresa Serpa
Demo 🐀$ 👁️🖕👁️ are babie killer'$$$$$$$. end Recycling Human body
part'$$$$$ typical Hypocrite'$$$

評論者 : Theresa Serpa

評論者 : Guano7

Bessie Staton
Trump is interested in corruption because being a Master worker of corruption no one can touch him with a 10 foot pole. Investigations and punishment will not exist.
評論者 : Bessie Staton

Pedro A Gutierrez
Garbich, garbich garbich!!!!
評論者 : Pedro A Gutierrez

wayne johnson
i think hes already done that everything he says he breaks the law
評論者 : wayne johnson

wayne johnson
he cant read either
評論者 : wayne johnson

clay williston
Imagine if Obama did this
評論者 : clay williston

Mya Carlyle
I hate Donald trump
評論者 : Mya Carlyle

Chris William
Wisdom is mandatory immunization of norplant the stop babies and kids from having kids no wonder we got 10 goddamn Lanes of traffic no wonder we got stockpiles a f**** pissed called it's on the tip of my tongue but you know what I'm talking about in the goddamn yellow barrels ☣️ norplant you won't have so much goddamn population and you wouldn't have so much God damn pissed she got to figure out what to do with before the motherfukers they put it in the goddamn mountain do I need my pay up 43 motherfuking years of suffering
評論者 : Chris William

serafin nieves
Trumps not lying for the first time by saying he doesn't care about politics he cares about corruption.
評論者 : serafin nieves

Karin Wall

評論者 : Karin Wall

Wolfe Twitzer
F U Kimmel....your wife is a PIG by the way...
評論者 : Wolfe Twitzer

This guy is as funny as a dose of the clap.
評論者 : gruntydatsun

Vidya Sonavane
the word reiterate... Shows that someone else, equally narcissistic wrote it
評論者 : Vidya Sonavane

Gloria Maggs
Oh God....I could listen to Jim my Kimmel forever! Always a hoot! G.
評論者 : Gloria Maggs

kof cuf
Marko Rubio being Trump's lapdog again. What a surprise 😕
評論者 : kof cuf

The president doesn't care about politics? That guy doesn't know what he's talking about...
評論者 : Jonathan

Franco Davalos
A Clinton supporter criticizing Trump for corruption. This is hilarious.
評論者 : Franco Davalos

One of Drumpf’s truest statements. He DOES only care about corruption, and he DEFINITELY DOESN’T care about politics. Show me the TAX RECORDS! (Can some staffer please brief this moron on the No FEAR Act????)
評論者 : theL81Again

Dion Kelly
Sounds like the old guy coughed and farted at the same time. Is there a rule on TV that says people can't do that?
評論者 : Dion Kelly

5:58... lmao
評論者 : pnbdash

jeff evans
so , did the crypt-master coughart on TV ?
評論者 : jeff evans

clayton delanie
Dem's haven't put up anyone that can beat him. America isn't buying the Dem's Platform. But you know that.
評論者 : clayton delanie

William Hall
Bigly corruption
評論者 : William Hall

James Edward Sterling
These videos are not aging well....
評論者 : James Edward Sterling

Steve S
Pat Robertson isn't dead yet? Yeeeugh.
評論者 : Steve S

Fur Ball
This is one of Jimmy’s BEST performanes....Trump provides the best mateterial. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
評論者 : Fur Ball

Michael Keller
Jimmy, you are funny, but WAY off!
評論者 : Michael Keller

Richard Johnsen
The devil if afraid to take Pat Robertson without a hazmat suit and the long tongs!!!!!
評論者 : Richard Johnsen

Richard Johnsen
You ain't seen nothing yet, tomorrow he may invite the Russians to land  troops in Alaska!
評論者 : Richard Johnsen

Richard Johnsen
The Russians are showing photos of meals on the table uneaten!!! Heavy equipment abandoned!!!! Complete surrender and capitulation to a nation with a GDP less then Nebraska!!!!! I hope the last American ordered out takes the flag!!!
評論者 : Richard Johnsen

Deadpool TYInterWebs
Trump. Bgliest Loser of all time...
評論者 : Deadpool TYInterWebs

Grace Gisel
Since when you care for Kurds? You betrayed them since 1970. Like you betrayed the Shia Muslims in Iraq, who fought your proxy against Sadam Husein. Your an unreliable country, no one wants you anymore. Pathetic hypocrites. Stay on your Island! Your only worried about your geopolitical lost of territory, you were illegally in Syria, you have nothing to do there.
評論者 : Grace Gisel

Hans-Joachim Bierwirth
OMG, that turd is afraid turkish troops could enter Syria... those are in Syria for years now. Are americans that stupid not to notice? Ofc they are. There is no stupider people in earth. Disgusting.
評論者 : Hans-Joachim Bierwirth

asbaldo bedoya
Donald Trump 2020 has my vote
評論者 : asbaldo bedoya

Marilyn Reallon
Trump needs to choose one title he can't be them all! Chosen One nah, stable genius, oh hell no. LMFAO
評論者 : Marilyn Reallon

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